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Donuts & Beer

Head in to our San Diego or Las Vegas locations every Friday and Saturday night for the best beers paired with the #BestDonutsInTheWorld

Chocolate Donuts
Daily Donut Bar Specials



At Donut Bar, every day is a celebration. Come in to see our daily specialty creations

The Classic

Homer’s Donut

Our huge, fresh, yeast donut topped with pink cake batter glaze with sprinkles

Homers Donut
Cake Batter Donut

Celebrate with

Cake Batter

Our huge, fresh, yeast donut topped with cake batter glaze with buttercream dollops and pastel sequins

Bon app├ętit

Creme Brulee

Our soft yeast round filled with creme brulee and topped with caramelized sugar

Creme Brulee Donut

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